Part 6: ISBN, Imprint, Copyright

The Definitive Guide To Self Publishing

Tell The World!

This is another section where I am just going to cut to the chase. You’ve got your edited manuscript, your cover files, your Meta Data Doc, and you’re ready to let the world know that your book exists…or will exist soon!


International Standard Book Number. You need one for each unique format and edition of your book. I say “unique” because usually an edit to your book does not constitute an entirely new edition.

What requires their own unique ISBNs:

  • Hardcover (sometimes labeled Hardback)
  • Paperback
  • A different print size of either of the abovre
  • eBook
  • Same Book, New Cover
  • Addition of forward, new chapters, or other major changes to the narrative

What does NOT require a unique ISBN:

  • Typo edits
  • Minor changes to narrative
  • File format or margin changes

How do you get your ISBNs?


And So It Has Been Written

Draft’s done, editing’s done, manuscript’s done. You hold in your hands/hard drive the world’s next bestseller. But how do you get to the point where you can sell it? Well, you need a cover. A damn good one, too. Head on over to Part 3 where we talk covers and illustrations that will grab attentions.

*Note: This is a living guide, which means I will consistently make updates and improvements as new technology and resources become available!