Destination Earth Is Out Today!



Earth Is A Strange And Alluring Place…

Greetings travelers,

I am SO excited to announce that Destination Earth has officially been released into the wild! These twenty short stories are ready to transport you all around the world and challenge what you may have once thought to be true. There are exciting, funny, thought-provoking, and, at times, heartbreaking journeys into the human condition. I can’t WAIT for you to discover them.

My personal journey with this collection has been a long, tedious, and revision-filled one. I originally released nine of these stories in 2018 as my first attempt at self-publishing. It was called The Mother’s Eye (and other curiosities). My friends and family were very supportive of me, but, in truth, I always knew they could be better. In 2020 I released my debut novel Man, Kind and that was from cover to cover something I was (and am) extremely proud of. After the hype settled from that adventure, I was ready to set my sights forward once again. Actually, backwards.

Some crazy ideas popped into my head in 2021. What if I revised those original stories and lifted them up to my current standard of storytelling? Then what if I added in the three or four other short stories I had written in my free time? Then what if I added eleven total new ones for a nice even twenty? Then what if I illustrated each of them? Then what if tied them all together in clever ways to make them each part of a greater whole? Then what if…ok, I’ve already said too much.

Destination Earth is a true collectors piece for people who love books. From the cover, to the spine, to the interior, I painstakingly made sure every page of DE would be worthy of sitting on your shelf. I’m excited for you to hold it in your hands. I’m excited for you to find something special in each of the illustrations. And I’m excited for you to laugh and cry and struggle alongside the characters inside these stories.

❤️ C.C. Berke

Destination Earth is available in hardcover, paperback, and eBook formats. You can purchase a copy on this website, Amazon, locally in Sioux Falls, SD, and soon everywhere else you buy books!