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Curious Collectors Bookmark

Limited edition bookmark with featured art from Destination Earth by C.C. Berke. Size: 2" x 6" Thickness: 18pt card stock Feel: Matte finish w/ rounded edges *Note: One "Curious Collectors" bookmark comes free with purchase of any Destination Earth book purchase!

Destination Earth - Signed First Edition

Earth is a strange and alluring place. There are those who visit it. Those who abandon it. And those who spend their entire lives trying to understand it. Within these pages lies twenty curious tales that will take you on a journey through space, time, and reality. What do a seventeen-foot-tall traveler, a sinister government factory in the middle of nowhere, a hollow tree meant for monthly meetings, and a mysterious hotel with a spectral staff all have in common? Read on, brave adventurer, and perhaps you’ll find the answers. Available here in Hardcover & Paperback!

Man, Kind - Signed First Edition

The climate has changed. Pollution has sterilized the human race. Few stragglers remain. In the heart of America a mysterious woman escorts a young girl across the perilous Rocky Mountains. With danger lurking in every crag, the resentful duo must race to complete their one and only mission: Reach the other side…no matter what. A Literary Titan Gold Award Winning Novel!

Self Publishing Checklist

Thank you for using The Definitive Guide To Self Publishing! I hope you found it helpful in your literary journey. This curated checklist should keep you on track and make sure you cross all your i's and dot all your t's. I am more than happy to supply this for free, but please consider tossing a bone or two my way for putting this all together. Thanks!